How We Do Things Here at Barncat

All kittens are adopted as pets on a spay/neuter contract.  We also do not allow de-clawing on any of our cats or kittens.

The first step in our adoption process is to fill out our kitten application located on our kitten page.  We require a $300.00 Non-Refundable deposit to reserve a kitten.
Please do not send a deposit unless you have been approved by us for a kitten.

Please remember that Barncat Cattery will always have first option of any kitten from any litter at any time.

Every now and then we may have retired adults available looking for a retirement home. It may be a retired breeding cat, or sometimes we may also have a young adult that didn't quite turn out the way we hoped for type wise, for that reason he/she will be made available to a pet home. All of these pets will be spayed/neutered and will be current on their vaccinations before going to their new pet home. 

At what age are the kittens ready to go to their new homes?

The kittens will be ready to go to their new homes when they are 12 weeks old. We reserve the right to keep a kitten longer if we feel the kitten will benefit from a longer stay.

I want to come and choose a kitten and take a look at your cats.

  Kittens are chosen in the order that the deposits are received, we have found that to be the fairest way for everyone.  If we feel that a chosen kitten is not a good fit for that family we will work with them to find the right kitten for their family.

In this day and age, inviting people into your home can be quite dangerous. There are many anti breeder and animal rights activists out there, and we do not want to risk getting one into our home. We limit visits as much as possible for several reasons. We do not provide allergy visits, nor do we allow visits to come pick out a kitten or just to come look at the cats. When you're asking to visit, our "cattery" you are asking to visit our home, where we live with our family and children.

Visitors are pretty invasive in our daily life and strangers in the house is extremely stressful for the kittens when they hear and smell things unknown to them, and their mothers who are very protective of their youngsters, especially with strangers. Young kittens are extremely vulnerable to airborne diseases and their mother's stress so we are upping our biosecurity here at Barncat. Our kittens and their moms are our number 1 priority, as of 1-1-2019 all kittens will be delivered to their new homes or we will be meeting new owners at a public place designated by us unless other arrangements are made by both parties.  If you are not OK with this new policy then we are not the breeder for you.  This doesn't mean we have anything to hide though, it means we take the utmost precautions for our own and our cats and kitten's sake. 

References are available upon request.

Will my kitten be examined by a vet prior to coming home?

All of our kittens are examined by our vet at 9-10 weeks of age, vaccinated and wormed before going to their new home at 12 weeks of age.

Kittens must be spayed or neutered by 6-8 months of age and NO declawing.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee the kitten/cat to be in good health when he/she leaves Barncat.  We further guarantee replacement of kitten/cat should death occur within 2 years from date of birth from other than natural or accidental causes if death is proven to be of genetic or hereditary nature.  We choose the replacement kitten for you.

Will my kitten be registered?

Yes your kitten will be registered with either TICA or CFF, depending on which registry the parents are registered with.

Do you ship your kittens?

We do not ship our kittens.

  Do you test your cats for HCM?

We test all of our breeding cats for the MyBPC Gene Mutation and by cardiac ultrasound with a Board Certified Cardiologist.  We also do genetic testing on our cats for SMA and PK Deficiency.

The absence of the MyBPC mutation in a cat DOES NOT mean that it will never develop HCM. It means that it does not have the only presently known mutation that can cause the disease in the cat. In the future, additional mutations may be identified that may be tested for as well. Cats that are positive for the test will not necessarily develop significant heart disease and die from the disease. Some cats will develop a very mild form of the disease and will live quite comfortably, and some may never develop any signs of the disease. It is not known at this time what makes one cat with the mutation develop HCM early, while another cat develops a much milder and later form, or no signs at all of any heart disease. Hopefully, more will be known about this in the future. 

What is the life span of Maine Coons?

The average age span in Maine Coons is no different than that of any other cat. It can run anywhere between 8 and 18 years of age.

We reserve the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten at any time.